Businesses help Glenrothes bloom

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LEVENMOUTH missed out on money which could have helped the area become a lot more pleasing on the eye.

At Wednesday’s meeting of area committee councillors it was revealed that businesses based in this area donated cash to help Glenrothes spruce itself up.

The town recently won the title of the cleanest, most beautiful community in Scotland from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

While being updated on the environmental improvements taking place across Levenmouth by the Take a Pride in Levenmouth group (TAPIL), area councillor Andrew Rodger told the committee he was surprised to hear the money hadn’t stayed locally.

He said: “Everybody talks about how good Glenrothes looks at the moment.

“It managed to get quite a lot of sponsorship from people to help it get the awards it has been getting.

“Some of the sponsors even come from Levenmouth and they’re giving their money away to Glenrothes.

“How did we manage to miss out?

“Surely we’ve got to be a lot more switched on.”

But councillors were pleased to hear that TAPIL has managed to improve some of the community, with improvements to the River Leven area and path network on-going, as well as proposed site development at Summers garage near to Aberhill.

Primary school pupils will paint murals on the wall at the site and planters will also be installed.

Work is on-going to improve the bio-diversity in Levenmouth at the community wildlife garden at Starkies Wood, Buckhaven.

Chair of the commitee Councillor Tom Adams praised those within Levenmouth who were already doing what they could to tidy up the area.

He said: “I drove through the Broom the other day and there were all these flowers which had been planted.

“It looked absolutely beautiful.

“To be honest I don’t know who it was that did it, but it’s little things like that that make areas stand out.

“It’s up to people themselves, and if we can help communities in a similar way to Glenrothes, then that’s got to be a good thing.”

Councillor Charles Haffey also praised a similar residents’ project in Mountfleurie for helping to improve that area.

“It is great to see a community group like that up in Mountfleurie taking responsibility,” Cllr Haffey told the meeting.

In a report presented to councillors, it was detailed how the area still has an issue with an infestation of American mink which is upsetting the bio-diversity.

An eradication process is being worked on.