CALA launches bid to build Aberdour development

Aberdour High Street
Aberdour High Street

A homebuilder is back again to lodge proposals for a new development in Aberdour - of nearly 100 houses.

CALA Homes is seeking to establish planning permission in principle for the development on land south of Main Street, which includes a 25 per cent on-site provision of affordable homes.

Previous attempts by the firm to build in the village have sparked controversy, but CALA maintain a shortfall of housing in the area must be addressed.

Steven Cooper, planning manager at CALA Homes (East), said: “There is a pressing need for new homes across Fife, including Aberdour.

“If approved, our development would represent approximately a 10 per cent increase in the housing supply in the village, a sustainable figure in keeping with the character of Aberdour.”

A public exhibition in 2016 was attended by around 200 residents, where CALA publicised its proposals and invited residents to air their views ahead of the submission of a potential planning application.

Steven added: “The proposal seeks to address feedback received at the consultation stage, and the layout has been amended to incorporate vistas across the site to Inchcolm Island and Abbey, as well as the Aberdour House Obelisk, which are important local features.

“Despite there being a vocal and organised anti-development group in the village, we received a strong recurring message throughout our consultation that the village is in real need of more economically active families to support trades and local shops.

“Up to now it has proven extremely difficult for young people in the village to remain and set-up home given the low number of homes coming to the market.

“To this end, we did receive a number of approaches from people wanting to buy a new home, who could not currently purchase in the village because of a lack of supply.

CALA Homes first expressed an interest in developing at Aberdour Main Street around four years ago, supported at that time by Fife Council planning officials.