Call for accessible gigs

Rachel wants more accessible events.
Rachel wants more accessible events.

Young people with learning disabilities gathered with their friends and family for a free live gig this weekend and challenged venues and promoters to follow their lead and change their mind set around more accessible gigs across Scotland.

Held at SWG3 in Glasgow, the gig had to be moved to the venue after all tickets for the original venue were snapped up.

The line-up included X Factor star Emily Middlemas, Darren MacKenzie and Keir Ritchie, The Clutha Kids and Mandulu and Hephzibah at the Finnieston venue.

Rachel Page (23), pictured above, from Kirkcaldy has a learning disability and cerebral palsy. She was one of the organisers of the event and said: “I love music and have been to a few gigs – but it’s not the same experience as everyone else gets to enjoy. We’re just like anybody else and shouldn’t be treated differently.

“Having this event meant we could take support workers and family members with us – instead of them being seated away in another area of a venue.”

We were surrounded by our friends and family and enjoyed it together.

“That’s what a gig experience should be, regardless of whether you’re disabled or not.”