Call for better safety measures at busy Kirkcaldy junction

Cathryn Archer is calling for new traffic measures
Cathryn Archer is calling for new traffic measures

Residents are calling for new measures to improve access in and out of a busy Kirkcaldy street junction and to curb the speed of traffic on the main road.

Cathryn Archer, who lives in Fordell Gardens in the Strathallan Estate, has drawn up a petition which asks Fife Council’s transportation department to put in either a roundabout or part-time traffic lights at the bottom of Strathallan Drive where it meets Oriel Road.

So far she has 110 signatures, which support her call for the new measures, and Cathryn has also enlisted the help of local councillor Susan Leslie.

Cathryn told The Press: “I have stayed in the estate for more than 12 years and the other week I was taking my daughter to swimming lessons and I had to wait nine minutes before I could get out the junction which is ridiculous! This was not even at peak times!

“Oriel Road is so busy you can often have a line of traffic waiting to get out the junction at the bottom of Strathallan Drive.

“I have been speaking to a lot of people here and what might help is having either a roundabout or traffic lights so residents can get in and out of the estate easier.

“Having these measures might also slow the traffic down on Oriel Road because cars are regularly speeding down the road, breaking the speed limit, and it’s dangerous.”

Cathryn has also met with local councillor Susan Leslie who has been discussing with her the best way forward.

Susan Leslie, who represents Kirkcaldy west, said: “Cathryn is looking to present her petition about traffic measures around Oriel Road to Pat Callaghan (the Council’s executive spokesman for environment and transportation) in the next couple of weeks. We need to have a look at these concerns and I am supporting her in that.”

She added: “I am aware that this petition of Cathryn’s may well be tied in with general traffic issues around schools in Kirkcaldy.” Cathryn’s petition can be found online by logging onto and searching for Strathallan Drive.

Council: No plans to change

Ian B Smith, lead professional, traffic management said: “Recent speed surveys on Oriel Road show most people are below the speed limit but we know at peaks times, like other locations, traffic is heavier. Any changes made would need to be best value and bring benefits for drivers exiting the estate and drivers on Oriel Road. We’ll have a look at the petition when it’s sent into us, but currently we’ve no plans to change the current road layout.”