Call for compromise over Burntisland station row

The land in questionThe land in question
The land in question
Future plans for land at Burntisland railway station could easily include both parking and wildlife areas.

And everyone with an interest in the plans should get together to discuss the possible solutions, rather than arguing on social media.

This was the view put forward by both Alex MacDonald, chairman of Burntisland Community Council and Christine May, chairman of Fife Historic Buildings Trust which facilitated the £1m conversion of the former railway station waiting rooms and offices into studios for local artists and craftspeople.

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Their plea comes following a heated debate on social media over whether land, currently designated a wildflower garden, although seen by some as an overgrown eyesore, should be used for additional parking.

Alex MacDonaldAlex MacDonald
Alex MacDonald

Fife Council has carried out a feasibility study into the potential of creating parking at the Network Rail owned site and this is due to be discussed by local councillors at the end of this month.

Many residents in the area say there is a real shortage of parking and are asking Fife Council to give them residents’ permits, while the majority of the artists in the Platform Studios say the area is a wildlife haven, particularly butterflies and bees.

Former councillor George Kay posted his views on the Burntisland Facebook site, criticising Fife Historic Buildings Trust for failing to maintain the land in front of the studios, which was initially planted with wildflower seeds, describing it as an “overgrown midden.”

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Christine May told the Press: “By its nature a wildflower patch is less tidy and regimented than a formal flower bed and the flowering plants and their seeds designed to provide a habitat and food source for a range of wildlife.

Christine MayChristine May
Christine May

“ Given George Kay’s past membership of FHBT, and his knowledge of our staff and volunteers, I am surprised and very disappointed that neither he nor anyone else has contacted the trust directly.”

George Kay responded: “I fully agree that plans could include for car parking and a properly maintained wildlife garden.

“In the past I contacted FHBT offering solutions for maintainance, but it failed to do so.”