Call for Council to fix High St slabs

Missing slabs outside on Leven High St
Missing slabs outside on Leven High St

A Leven trader has called on Fife Council to replace slabs which have been left missing on the High Street since September.

Eddie Young, owner of Motorfits on Commercial Road, first contacted the Council around six weeks ago after noticing the state of the slabs which are just outside the TSB bank.

It appears Fife Council were in the process of replacing the pathway when problems arose which meant the work could not be completed.

“They told me that they were meant to be fixed within two weeks, but that was back in September,” said Mr Young, a long-time campaigner for Leven High Street.

“It just looks terrible. The tarmac is starting to come away and crumble now.

“It isn’t good for the High Street, especially when the Council is trying to promote it in the run up to Christmas.”

Mr Young says the last time he spoke to Fife Council was during the Leven Community Council meeting which was held at the end of October.

Chris Wragg, economic advisor at Fife Council said: “I would like to reassure people that we are doing all we can to complete the work on the High Street.

“It is important that the look and quality of the paving in this key civic space is of a high standard.

“The contractor is experiencing a delay in the delivery of the natural stone paving which needs to be used here. We share the frustrations of locals, but once we receive delivery of the paving, the contractor will be back out on site to get the job completed to a satisfactory standard.

“We will liaise with businesses to keep them informed.”

Fife Council launched a campaign to get people back onto Leven’s High Street last month.

The Shop Local campaign offers shoppers vouchers for a number of independent retailers in the area.