Call for Council to tackle Cadham rats

The resident says the rats have been trying to get under their home.
The resident says the rats have been trying to get under their home.

A resident in Cadham has called on Fife Council to tackle the issue of rats in the area.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, has captured photographs and video footage of rats outside their residence on Julian Road.

They said the issue started in September and was solved quickly by Fife Council, but that the rats have returned in recent weeks.

The resident said: “Now they are digging up the garden and I think they are trying to get under the house.

“There’s been digging under my shed, which is next to the house. The rats have been digging into the foundations, but have not reached it yet.”

The resident said they had filled in the holes in an attempt to stop the rats, but that the vermin kept returning.

“I want them gone,” they said. “They shouldn’t be here. I’ve been here for 20 years and I’ve always had a bird feeder up, but I’ve had to take it down. We’ve never had rats before.”

The resident wants Fife Council to get rid of the rats, but not in a way which could kill other animals in the area.

Graeme Anderson, technical officer at Fife Council, said: “An operative visited at the end of November and could not find any signs of rat activity behind the property. However, it is a wooded area with heavy leaf fall and another operative will visit this afternoon to check the situation.

“The council hasn’t put down any poison so far in this area. When we do lay poison it’s done in a safe manner using tamper proof vermin boxes to keep pets and children safe.

“Anyone who requires pest control should call 03451 550022 to arrange treatment.”