Call for council to trim trees in Leven park

The branch which fell into a neighbours gardenThe branch which fell into a neighbours garden
The branch which fell into a neighbours garden
A Leven resident has called for trees in Letham Glen to be trimmed over fears falling branches could cause serious damage.

Paul Young (45), who lives on Coldstream Crescent, said residents on the street have asked Fife Council to fix the issue in the past, but no action has been taken.

Paul was prompted to complain about the trees after a huge branch fell into a neighbour’s garden.

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“It broke his fence and outside furniture,” said Paul. “The trees might be healthy, but I’m concerned that if one of the trees near me comes down, it will land in our house.

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“We’re constantly asking the council to trim the trees or do something, but they keep telling us that the trees are healthy.”

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Paul said the residents don’t want the trees cutting down, just for the ones nearest the homes to be trimmed back.

Brian Taylor, area officer (specialist trees) said: “One resident raised concerns about the condition of a tree near their property. After inspection it was discovered the tree was diseased and we are unable to treat this.

“The tree adjacent was also damaged by a storm so we are now arranging to have these removed.

“Another resident has enquired about trees adjacent to his property, but on inspection these were found to be perfectly healthy so no work’s required.”