Call for crackdown on ‘zombie drug users’

Police are investigating the incident which saw someone urinating on the war memorial. Picture: Google
Police are investigating the incident which saw someone urinating on the war memorial. Picture: Google

A Fife councillor is calling for a crackdown on antisocial behaviour by “zombie drug users” after a man was seen urinating on a war memorial.

The Burntisland Cenotaph was the scene of the incident, which caused a backlash from local residents.

There have been a number of claims of antisocial behaviour in the town recently, and police are investigating the incident at the war memorial.

Councillor Gordon Langlands this week called: “Anti-social behaviour is on the rise again in Burntisland with youths causing disturbances in the evenings, boy racers with speeding with their noisy exhausts, shoplifting and now zombie drug users wandering the streets.

“The recent incident at the War Memorial highlights the problem the town is having with vulnerable people from the Kirkcaldy Area Homeless Housing list being housed in the harbour area.

“This area is already designated a deprived area by the Scottish Government and housing people with serious addictions there only compounds an existing problem.

“They are openly abusing their neighbours and also the hospitality of local businesses who have tried to help them.

“We need the police to have a clamp down on the general anti-social behaviour and Fife Council to have a rethink about how these flats are allocated to stop this area turning into a ghetto.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police in Fife received a report of public urination at Burntisland War Memorial, which took place shortly before 5pm on Tuesday 26 September.

“Anyone with information about this is urged to contact Kirkcaldy Police Station via 101, quoting incident number 2646 of September 26.”

Gordon Hope, Fife Council Housing Manager, said: “We’re aware of on-going issues of anti-social behaviour in the area. We’re working in partnership with the Safer Communities Team and Police Scotland to address the problems. We always allocate our properties in accordance with Fife Council’s housing allocation policy.”