Call for director to look at all care home options

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A GROUP of Fife councillors has called on the authority’s director of social work to re-examine what options are available for the future provision of the care home service.

Members of the social work and health committee want “all options” for the replacement of residential, respite and day care services for older people to be looked at again after a previous tendering process for their possible running proved fruitless.

The authority has said it would like to pass responsibility for the running of its 10 homes, including Methilhaven and Ladywalk in Anstruther, over to the private and voluntary sectors.

However, a recent attempt to do this returned just two applicants and neither were deemed suitable.

Stephen Moore, executive director of social work services, said: “As we look to the future, we remain firmly focused on the present where there will be no change for those who live in the council’s care homes or for those who use the services – it will be business as usual.

“Considering all viable opportunities, including social enterprise, will take time as we consider the options home-by-home - and we must get this right.

“Our vision is to secure sustainable, good quality services which will care and support generations of older people to come.

“As part of our ongoing, pro-active communications we will be writing to service users, their family and staff to inform them of the decision taken by members and regular updates on progress will be starting through the care home replacement newsletter.”

As the future of care homes is considered, the council has allocated £3m from its capital budget between 2011 and 2014 to ensure the buildings are maintained to the standards required to ensure safe care.

The director has been asked to report back to the social work and health committee with his findings once they are complete.