Call for future plan in the west of Glenrothes

Community Help @ Tanshall (CH@T) campaigning to save Tanshall PS from closure.
Community Help @ Tanshall (CH@T) campaigning to save Tanshall PS from closure.

A popular community group in Glenrothes is appealing to Fife Council not to make the likes of Tanshall and Glenwood the forgotten precincts.

Community help At Tanshall (CH@T) are appealing to Fife Council to draw up a development strategy for the area.

The call follows last week’s decision by the Scottish Government to uphold the move to close Tanshall Primary School after parents forced closure proposals to be called in for ministerial scrutiny.

Anger is till simmering in the west of the town after a recent Council report inexplicably stated that an improvement drive for the troubled Glenwood Centre, which serves Macedonia, Tanshall and Caskieberran, was “not a priority due to it not being in a prominent part of the town.

The school closure is seen by many as latest blow to seriously undermine the future prosperity and sustainability for those living in the western end of the town.

Euan Howells, CH@T spokesman said the local authority now has work to do if they are to convince people that they do care about future these areas.

“Fife Council has underestimated the community every single step of the way over the closure,” said Mr Howells.

“The community now has to pick itself up and Fife Council now has a huge amount of work to do to repair the relationships they have destroyed.

“People have understandably been left asking themselves what is going to happen next, and if anyone in Fife House actually has the best intentions of the future for local communities in this part of the town really in their sights.”

Mr Howells was critical of councillors within the ward. 
“Apart from Peter Grant, who has supported us throughout the silence from councillors who are supposed to represent us has been deafening,” he said.

“They have a lot to do.”