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Community groups in St Andrews are preparing to meet Fife Council’s education spokesman to discuss the possibility of building the new secondary school at Pipeland on the edge of town.

Councillor Bryan Poole will meet with St Andrews Preservation Trust and the town’s community council in the next few weeks following his plea for all groups to come together to find the best possible site for the new Madras college.

In a letter to the Citizen this week, councillor Poole rejected the criticisms levelled at the current council administration’s efforts from St Andrews councillor Keith McCartney and SNP education spokesman Douglas Chapman And he called on them both to consider whether “sniping from the sidelines” was helping the process.

In another development this week the pressure group Parent Voice has been wound up.

Spokesman David McCallum said the group had been reassured at recent meetings that the Kilrymont site was no longer being considered for the new school and the remaining sites don’t involve pupils being decanted to temporary accommodation.


“As this outcome fulfils Parents Voice’s objective, the group will now be wound up,” he explained.

Kyffin Roberts, chairman of St Andrews Community Council, told the Citizen that Bryan Poole has been invited to their meeting next month.

“I think we all know that Bryan Poole and the council seem to be moving towards Pipelands as their preferred site and I’m sure people will be discussing the pros and cons of that particular option,” he said.

“The community council will discuss it at our next meeting, although there is no planning application on the table yet we will need to get as much information as we can. With that in mind Cllr Poole has been invited to attend the November meeting of the community council.

“There are sure to be different views and opinions on this issue, as there always are, but until its been fully discussed the community council will not be making a statement regarding the proposal.”

One group has already rejected the Pipeland site and has called on the council to do the same.

St Andrews Green Belt Forum believes the only way Pipeland could be used would be by removing its Green Belt protection and this could lead to the protection of the rest of the land on the town’s southern slope being nullified.

“It is time that the integrity of the St Andrews Green Belt was affirmed and that the council heeded not just the St Andrews public but the Public Reporter and its own decision to implement the Local Plan in its final form,” Professor Sam Taylor, chairman of the Green Belt Forum said.