‘Call in’ offers glimmer of hope for Glenrothes school

Campaign banner at Tanshall Primary
Campaign banner at Tanshall Primary

The campaign to save Tanshall School has been boosted by the announcement that the Scottish Parliament is to scrutinise Fife Council’s decision.

The news that Education Secretary Michael Russell is to allow the ‘call in’ of the decision for ministerial scrutiny has come as a massive morale boost for parents who’ve been fighting to keep the school open since the closure proposal, as part of a Fife-wide review of the school estate, was first announced in March last year.

Glenrothes MSP Tricia Marwick met with Mr Russell in what was described a “frank and constructive meeting” to discuss how the closure process was conducted and to explore if there can be a future for Tanshall Primary School.

“The decision by Fife Council is not as it should be, to close a school the decision must be made on educational grounds and I back the parents in their argument that that hasn’t been made,” said Mrs Marwick.

“I had a productive and open meeting with the education secretary and he has now been made fully aware of the depth of feeling within the community.

“While the school’s future is still far from certain I still marks a significant achievement for those parents who have fought their campaign tirelessly and with dignity throughout the consultation process.

“I am delighted for them that their request for a ‘call in’ has been granted and we’ll see where we go from here.”

Euan Howells, leading the campaign, said: “Almost a year since Fife Council decided Tanshall was in the firing line there is now light at the end of the tunnel.”