Call problems now being ironed out

Inspector Tom Brown spoke to councillors last week
Inspector Tom Brown spoke to councillors last week

Community Inspector for Levenmouth Tom Brown told councillors last week that issues with the new control room in Edinburgh are being ironed out.

Complaints were made during a public meeting held in Kennoway last month following several incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Things are being ironed out and are working better

Local residents claimed that staff at the Bilston Glen facility were not informed enough about the local area and this was impacting on response times.

However, during his quarterly report to councillors at the area committee last week, Insp Brown said things were getting better.

“There have been problems with Bilston Glen. Is there a lack of geographical knowledge?

‘‘There will be, because most of the people working there aren’t from Fife, but the policing is local.

“There has been slippage because of the way calls come in now. There have been huge changes in working practices - but things are being ironed out and are working better”

Insp Brown also set out the action plan for Levenmouth for 2015/16, highlighting the main priorities - identified through discussion with the local community - as tackling anti-social behaviour, assault and violent crime, road safety and road crime and the misuse of drugs.

“Levenmouth continues to be a safe and secure place to reside in and we will continue to work with what the public have addressed in the plan,” said Insp Brown.