Call to clear up village roads

Cllr Andrew Rodgers at Randolph memorial. Pic by FPA
Cllr Andrew Rodgers at Randolph memorial. Pic by FPA

A Levenmouth councillor has called for action to improve the conditions of two of East Wemyss’ oldest roads.

Andrew Rodger wants to see funding brought forward to completely revamp both St Mary’s Terrace and Randolph Street.

He believes it to be an important project ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Michael Colliery disaster, when nine men lost their lives.

A commemoration to those men was erected in Randolph Street - which used to lead to the pit - in 1992 after a campaign led by ex councillor, the late Cath Clark and ex councillor Irene Connelly.

He explained: “It would only be fitting that we restore the roads leading to the site of the Michael Pit to a level that recognises their massive contribution they made to the economy of Fife and the rest of Scotland.”

The colliery employed 2190 men with 1874 working underground and 316 on the surface. The average weekly output of coal was 16,750 tonnes.

Cllr Rodger added: “Along with Councillors Young, Graham and O’Brien, I would hope that they would agree with me that we approach Fife Council, the Coal Regeneration Board, Wemyss Estate and any other organisation who would have an interest in restoring these roads that lead to the pit, back to their former state.

After calls to fill in potholes on the road at the end of 2014, Fife Council is due to spend £600 on filling these holes, however Cllr Rodger does not believe that is enough.

“This to me is only a stop gap measure which will need to be repeated on a regular basis and that to me is not the answer,” he said. “I know that the Community Council has met with Cllr Pat Callaghan, spokesperson for Transportation, regarding these streets.

“Although they are not the responsibility of the Council, I understand he would like to work closely with councillors and other organisations to bring about a solution that will be acceptable both to the residents of the area and an undoubtedly the relatives who I believe attend this area on a regular basis.”

Cllr Rodger said he plans to speak with Cllr Tom Adams, chairman of the Levenmouth area committee, about his concerns, and said he hopes the local residents will support him in this action.

“I would hope that the residents in good faith would also like to play their part in making some sort of small contribution to the overall funding of this project.”