Call to rethink Kinglassie hall closure plans

Library/clinic building in Kinglassie. Pic: FPA
Library/clinic building in Kinglassie. Pic: FPA

Fife Council’s opposition leader Peter Grant has called on the local authority to rethink plans to close a prominent Kinglassie building.

Glenrothes Area Committee has been asked to agree closure to the former library building as well as the village’s community hall, when it meets today (Wednesday).

A report to be presented to councillors highlights the under-use of public buildings, most notably the Kinglassie Library / Clinic, which it is claimed would need £330,000 worth of investment.

The suggestion is to relocate community groups, including K-Town FM radio to other local facilities.

But Cllr Grant has confirmed he intends to put forward an alternative plan that would see much needed investment into the community.

He said: “Everyone accepts that Kinglassie has more meeting places than it needs and that none of these facilities are ideal with many in a very poor state of repair.

“The trouble with the Council’s proposal is that it addresses the first of these problems with closures, but does nothing to bring the remaining buildings up to standard.

“There’s no guarantee that any of the money saved by closing two further facilities will ever be reinvested in Kinglassie.”

Cllr Grant also highlights the housing plans for the area and the future demand that will placed on such facilities.

“I’m asking the Council to look at the possibility of pooling together all savings that can be made from rationalising our buildings, and using these to fund either an entirely new facility or significant investment in the ones we decide to keep open,” he added.

“This is a tried and tested method that the council has used previously to fund new schools and community centres in other parts of Fife.

“We owe it to Kinglassie to at least examine whether the same approach can work here.”

Consideration given to future of four facilities

The report focuses on four Fife Council run facilities; Kinglassie Community Centre and Library/clinic building, Mitchell Hall and Small Community Centre.

It’s proposed that current users of the library / clinic building to relocate to the Kinglassie Miners’ Institute.

The report suggests that £330,000 would be required to meet immediate concerns over roof and electrical rewiring for the listed building. Estimated running costs for the buiding are £18,000 per year.