Calling on Fife’s Gaelic speakers ...

Fife Council is looking to find more Gaelic language tutors.
Fife Council is looking to find more Gaelic language tutors.

Fife Council is calling on Gaelic enthusiasts who would be willing to help others learn the language.

And the council is also keen to hear from Fifers who want to have a go at learning the language.

As part of its commitment to giving equal respect to the Gaelic language in Fife, the council is offering language classes and conversational groups in the community.

Response has been very positive and the hunt is now on to find more tutors and learners to help expand learning opportunities and classes.

Councillor Linda Erskine, the council’s spokesperson for community, health and wellbeing, said: “The council’s first Gaelic Language Plan was approved by Bòrd na Gàidhlig last year and includes an action plan to promote Gaelic within our communities.

“We’ve already taken steps to make Gaelic more accessible by providing language courses, promoting Gaelic at local events and offering Fife Council staff taster sessions.

“Revival of the language will also, of course, depend on people using the language in a wide range of activities and local enthusiasts are the best ambassadors to encourage this in their communities.

“To help sustain interest we are planning to establish a Gaelic community forum, which could access external funding to help support courses, events and heritage work.”

For more information on classes available, opportunities to get involved in teaching Gaelic in Fife or the Gaelic community forum contact Scott Fenton or Kirsty Strachan on 01383 602351 or 01592 583474. Or check out information online here