‘Callous’ theft hits town funeral home

Crosbie & Mathew, Glenrothes
Crosbie & Mathew, Glenrothes

STAFF at a Glenrothes funeral home have been left shocked after a large amount of lead was stolen from its roof, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Crosbie Matthew’s premises on Church Street had 50 to 60 metres of the material stripped from the building.

It is not clear exactly when the heavy grey metal was taken, but staff were only alerted to the theft last Saturday morning.

Funeral director Mark Daly told the ‘Gazette’ how they realised the ‘callous’ theft had taken place at their property.

He said: “First thing on Saturday the window cleaner came down and told my colleague that the lead had gone.

“It had been a month since the window cleaner had been in, so we don’t know exactly when it was stolen.

“You don’t look up there.

“For something like this to happen in a funeral home... well it’s a bit off. Very insensitive.

“It’s a bit callous really.

“Thankfully though, they haven’t done any more damage than take the lead off the roof.”

At the time of speaking Mr Daly was awaiting news of how much the theft would cost the company, but admitted it could prove extremely costly.

He said: “It’s the first time this has happened here, and we have been here for 15 years or more.

“We have got premises in Kirkcaldy, which had lead stolen from the roof two years ago when the property was empty, just before we moved in.

“The police are now going round looking for any CCTV camera at nearby businesses which might help them.

“We are waiting on quotes for the damage to our roof, but the police reckon it could be 50 to 60 metres of lead that has been taken off, which is quite a lot.

“We think it is going to be quite expensive.”

Mr Daly finished by appealing for information: “It’s a bit upsetting to think someone has done this to a sensitive place like a funeral home, he said.

“Hopefully the police find who did this.

“Anyone who can give us any information about the theft of the lead from our roof would be very much appreciated.”

Lead theft has been on the increase in recent years as the cost of this and other metals continue to rise.

Churches across the United Kingdom have been hardest hit by roof thefts.

Earlier this year legislation was begun to ban cash payment for scrap metal in England, Scotland and Wales to help combat metal theft.

No one was available for comment at Fife Police as the ‘Gazette’ went to press on Tuesday.

Anyone with information should telephone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, where they may be eligible for a reward.