Andrea Barker at site where bench was stolen
Andrea Barker at site where bench was stolen
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Members of a Markinch family have been left devastated following the disappearance their father’s memorial bench, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

Andrea Barker and her family had paid for and donated the bench as a lasting memorial to her father Andrew Adam who passed away in February 2011.

She first realised it had disappeared following a regular visit to Northall Cemetery last weekend and now fears the bench has been stolen by mindless thieves.

She told the Gazette: “I often visit the cemetery to lay flowers and make sure the bench and the brass plaque are clean and tidy and was dismayed when the bench wasn’t in it’s usual spot.

“At first I thought that cemetery staff had moved it but when they confirmed they hadn’t I began to worry.

“Myself and the staff searched throughout the area but nothing was found, so it looks like it has been stolen.

“I can’t believe that someone could be so callous and stoop so low as to do such thing, myself and other family members are devastated.

“The bench wasn’t visible from the road so someone has purposely come into the cemetery in order to remove it from it’s usual position.

“We clubbed together to pay for the bench because we thought it would be of benefit to the community and be a fitting way to remember my Dad,.

Andrea is now hoping that members of the local community may come forward with information.