Calls for South Road crossing ... but some still unhappy about the build-out

How the new store will look
How the new store will look

Bosses at a new supermarket being built in Cupar are being urged to install a pedestrian crossing amid concerns about road safety.

Discount retailer Aldi is currently building a store in South Road, which is already one of the busiest streets in town.

The store is due to open this summer and north east Fife MSP Rod Campbell has joined campaigners in pressing for a crossing.

His call follows Tesco’s decision not to build a larger store on its existing site, which would have brought road improvements with it as part of the planning application.

Mr Campbell said: “With Tesco’s plans to increase the size of its store cancelled, but work well under way on construction of the new Aldi store, there is continued interest in seeing the junction at South Road made safer for pedestrians.

“As part of their planning application, Tesco had promised a new pedestrian crossing. Since they are no longer taking forward their plans for a new store, I am hopeful that Aldi will consider the proposals and enter into discussions with the community to come up with a safe, practical solution.”

Mr Campbell’s comments also follow the recent publication of information produced by Fife Council showing traffic levels, and average speed, on South Road.

Concern had previously been expressed that the location of the new Aldi store, and the anticipated increase in traffic, could make the area more unsafe for pedestrians, particularly school children at nearby Castlehill Primary School.

Mr Campbell was supported by Stephen Gethins, SNP Parliamentary candidate, who said: “Some of Cupar’s roads are very busy, and South Road is particularly busy because of the supermarket and nearby school.

“Road safety in this area is crucial, particularly with so many children crossing the road every day of the school week.

Meanwhile an online petition has been calling for the removal of the controversial build-out in South Road, which, according Fife Council has been highly effective in slowing down traffic.

Launched by local man Grant Telfer, the petition reads: “We petition the Transport Deartment to intervene and remove the dangerous and inappropriate traffic calming island which has been placed on the southbound carriageway of South Road in Cupar. Other means of traffic control should be implemented which don’t cause queueing traffic and force motorists into dangerous manouvres to negotiate them.”