Calls to demolish the Overstenton eyesore

Former five-a-side sports facility - now derelict at Overstenton Park
Former five-a-side sports facility - now derelict at Overstenton Park

A Glenrothes councillor has branded a local eyesore an “absolute embarrassment” and called for it to be demolished.

The comments were made about the former five-a-side sports facility in Overstenon Park, which has lain derelict for several years, by Councillor Peter Grant, as members of the town’s area committee discussed an update report on a number of dilapidated properties across the area.

Having failed to attract interest in the facility, Cllr Grant said it was time to consider paying for the building to be demolished and offering the land to a possible housing developer.

“We have a brand new multi-million pound sports facility just across the road and new houses immediately adjacent, is it time to think about the possibility of selling the land for further housing development? Surely that is better than what is there now?” said Cllr Grant.

“What is there is an absolute embarrassment,” he added.

Cllr Grant said consideration should now be given to the possible use of the site as part of Fife Council’s current Fifeplan long-term housing requirements, which are currently being drawn up.

The councillor also lambasted the administration’s dilapidated properties initiative, launched a year ago to try and improve eyesores selected from across the region.

“It was launched with a fanfare and razzmatazz but a year on, we have not achieved anything. The expectation surrounding these buildings could never be met. We need to ask ourselves what is now realistic,” Cllr Grant added.

Officers confirmed that Business Gateway Fife was helping to find funding for the improving the frontage former ‘ Budgies store’ at 147 High Street, Leslie.

Loose materials have also been removed from height at the property at 254 High Street, Leslie, with confirmation that the property was to be regularly monitored by building standards officers.