Campaign group turbine fears

Lochton turbine
Lochton turbine

A turbine near Crail whose blades have been left mangled and twisted by adverse weather conditions has sparked safety fears.

The 19 metre high turbine, one of a cluster of three 15MW turbines at Lochton Farm, was previously damaged during gales in February.

Linda Holt, spokesperson for Scotland Against Spin (SAS) said: “In February we called on Fife Council to conduct a thorough investigation into what went wrong at Lochton, and now the same turbine has been mangled again.”

According to SAS, the P35-2 model has been the subject to safety concerns.

Ms Holt added: “They are often erected close to buildings, roads and areas used by people, including school playgrounds. Sooner or later someone will be injured or worse. How many more warnings do the authorities and turbine owners need?”