Campaign: Time to act and make a difference tackling poverty

Fife Free Press Make A Difference campaign
Fife Free Press Make A Difference campaign

A foodbank spending £3000 each month to prevent people going hungry.

Children relying on school meals for nourishment.

Fife Free Press poverty campaign

Fife Free Press poverty campaign

The fear of benefit sanctions hanging like the blackest cloud over families already under pressure to get through every day with little, or no money.

People living in the cold and the dark because they cannot afford to heat their homes.

The tears of a young mother as she is handed a lifeline package of food and some simple gifts to help her family through Christmas.

This is Kirkcaldy in 2018.

Fife Free Press poverty campaign

Fife Free Press poverty campaign

When you hear of a child being found rummaging in the bins outside the school kitchen for some scraps to take home, it isn’t enough just to feel vexed for her.

When you listen to the heartbreaking stories of people reaching out for help, only to find themselves dumped on a waiting list, we need to step in. And when you are told teenage girls cannot go to school because they cannot afford to buy sanitary protection,it is time to act.

Today, we launch a campaign that we ask you to support.

To Make A Difference.

To help the people living in your street.

To help folk you work beside;

To help people within groups and clubs you attend.

Kirkcaldy East is now one of the worst five areas in Scotland for child poverty, and it is going to get worse.

Around six weeks ago, Gordon Brown hosted a summit at the Town Centre to drive home to impact of poverty in this town. The aim was to look behind the data and see what we could all do to make a difference. Today we begin.

Working with Greener Kirkcaldy, The Cottage Centre and Kirkcaldy Foodbank, as well as councillors and community groups, we will look in detail at the reality of life in poverty - and also highlight the vital work being done by so many in our communities.

And our campaign comes with a call to action. Can you donate? Some groups need financial support, others need knowledge, skills and time. We’ll highlight what you can do to make a difference. We hope you will join us.

>> Just 17 miles separate the poorest and richest children in Fife.

Go to Cupar and you find just 15 per cent of children in poverty.

Go to Kirkcaldy East and that figure rockets to over 38 per cent.

And it’s getting worse. By 2020, it could even top 50 per cent.

The time has come to take action. We need your help.
We also want to hear from you if you are already working in our communities – and offer our campaign’s help.

Call us: (01592) 645702

E-mail: Drop-in: The FFP office at Carlyle House is open.