Campaign to cut speed limit on Levenmouth road

A speeding car
A speeding car

A campaign has been launched to reduce the speed limit - and fatalities - on a notorious stretch of Levenmouth road.

Despite recent safety measures carried out by Fife Council, local residents are now demanding the current 60mph limit be dropped between the B933 Kennoway and Leven road.

Tragically, some of the accidents have had fatal consequences, with a collision last December between a car and a bus claiming the life of 47-year-old Rosemary Fairbairn, from Kennoway.

“The safety of that road has been in question for a long time,” said Councillor Alistair Hunter, who is spearheading the campaign.

“Some residents have said ‘enough is enough’ and I agree.”

Fife Council carried out a speed survey of the stretch of road last summer after residents estimated accidents were happening at a rate of one per month.

Most were caused by speeding drivers, particularly at a bend near farm steadings, with some cars rolling into fields and trees.

The Council survey revealed the average speed was in the mid-40s mph. However, 15 per cent of drivers recorded were revealed to have been driving significantly faster.

The findings were “appropriate for this type of destricted road,” said Iain Smith, traffic management lead officer for mid-Fife. But Fife Council introduced engineering measures such as signage and new road markings to warn drivers to slow down.

Cllr Hunter commented: “The overwhelming feeling of residents and myself is we can engineer until the cows come home but dropping the speed limit is the most sensible measure to take.

“Rather than discouraging people to speed, we need to make it illegal to speed.”

Local residents who use the B933 regularly have been calling for changes to the road for several years.

Elaine Gillon, a resident at the farm steadings where many accidents have occurred, spoke last year about her concerns, saying that in the three years she had lived there, there had been over a dozen accidents.

Councillor Hunter has already enlisted the support of all of his fellow councillors in Levenmouth.

“I’ve also spoken to the police and they are generally supportive of anything that increases road safety,” he said.

“Now we need public support and the more we get, the better.

“If folk are opposed to it, we need to hear that as well.”

To support the campaign, email Cllr Hunter on