Can you picture yourself as a tutor?

Art for Pleasure group looking for new art tutor. Pic by FIFE PHOTO AGENCY -
Art for Pleasure group looking for new art tutor. Pic by FIFE PHOTO AGENCY -

An art group which has been running in Leven for over 25 years is appealing for a new tutor as the artist who started the group is moving away.

Deanna Hemingway moved to Fife in 1988, and soon after, she started the Art For Pleasure group at The Centre, Leven, which has been running ever since.

However, she is now moving back to her native England, leaving the group without a tutor for the first time in a quarter of a century.

“When I moved to Leven, they held classes in the annex of the school which is now Lidl, and I thought ‘Oh I’d love to work there’.

“But they were knocking it down soon after, so there was nothing really left like the class in Leven.”

There are currently 18 members in the group, with some having been a part of the fold for decades.

Deanna said she will be sad to leave her friends as she moves away this week.

“Oh, I’m very sad to be going.

“I’m moving because of a family matter, but there does come a time when you have to get a bit of a life! I don’t do much art myself because a lot of preparation goes into the class.

“But when I’m down in Yorkshire, I’d quite like to help school pupils to prepare their portfolios.”

Deanna has been passionate about art her whole life. At just 11 years old, she was accepted for a scholarship at Huddersfield Art College, before branching into photography and working as an art therapist in a psychiatric ward.

But at 43, she decided to go back to art college, and gained a teacher training qualification too.

For Deanna, it’s all about teaching the basics. “I give them a good grounding and then let them develop their own individual style.

“There’s a lot of art groups out there which claim to know everything when they’ve only studied for a couple of years.

“I could live for 200 years and I still wouldn’t know it all! But I hope my little knowledge starts people on the right path.”

Deanna continued: “That’s the kind of tutor we are looking for. Not someone who will teach everyone how they paint, but someone who will bring out all of the individual talents.

“I do believe that anybody can be taught art. I just think there are people who can draw to different extents, depending on their dedication and hard work.”

The class, which always welcomes new members of all abilities, will continue to meet right up until Christmas, and they are hoping they can fill the tutor position by the new year.

Anyone who might be interested in taking on the role is asked to contact Deanna on 07757647447, who will pass on the message, or contact secretary Marilyn Jenkins on 01592 580020.

The class meets every Wednesday from 9.15am until noon.

Marilyn Jenkins, secretary of the Art for Pleasure group has been attending the classes for nearly two decades.

“I was unable to work through ill health, and I just couldn’t do nothing for seven days straight - I had to find an outlet. When I first joined, I couldn’t draw and I couldn’t paint. But since then I have come on leaps and bounds. I really enjoy it.”

Marilyn said she and the whole class will miss Deanna a lot when she is gone.

“I kept thinking that her move would be way in the future, but its come so quick. I will really miss her.”