Captain the cockatiel home safe

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CAPTAIN the Cockatiel is safely back home following an appeal in last week’s Citizen to find his rightful owner.

The distressed bird was spotted flapping around the East Sands by David Ingram of the St Andrews Sailing Club at the end of last month.

David managed to capture him and took him home where his wife Mary dried him out and kept him warm following his ordeal.

The SSPCA then took over and confirmed Captain had been rescued in the nick of time as his water logged feathers meant flying would have been all but impossible.

And having been nursed back to good health, a friend of Captain’s owner spotted the appeal to help him and quickly realised who he was.

“I would like to express thanks for the safe return of ‘Captain’ the cockatiel as reported last week in your paper,” Jackie, a friend of Captain’s owner told the Citizen this week.

“After noticing a link on Facebook about a rescued cockatiel I realised this was the missing cockatiel of my friend.

“A door had been inadvertently left a door open and the cockatiel escaped - we thought he would be lost forever, but thanks to David Ingram he is now back home safe and sound!

“Thanks once again David!”