Car crashes into new Co-op in Kirkcaldy

The vehicle in the side of the Co-op store
The vehicle in the side of the Co-op store

Police have traced the driver of a car which crashed into the wall of a recently opened convenience store in Kirkcaldy early this morning (Tuesday).

And shocked residents on the busy street where the incident happened have called for more safety measures after the car left the road and crashed into the wall of the recently opened Co-op store on Bennochy Road.

They say that had the incident happened at any other time a child or pedestrian could have been killed or seriously injured.

The accident happened around 3.15am on Tuesday morning when a neighbour reported hearing a loud bang and went out to investigate.

It wasn’t until daylight when he went out to look around that he saw a car had crashed through the wooden fence surrounding the store and ended up nose first in the ditch around the outside, knocking a hole through the wall of the Co-op which only opened up several months ago.

The silver car was eventually removed from the scene later in the afternoon.

A Police Scotland spokesman confirmed they had charged a man, sayding;” A man in his 30s has been charged with various road trafffic offences and reported to the Procurator Fiscal.”

There was significant damage caused to both the car and the shop and police carried out door to door enquires in the area.