Car park gritting concerns raised

grit bin
grit bin

A Cupar man has called on Fife Council to make more grit bins available to the public after his wife and young child were involved in an accident due to their car skidding on black ice.

Thomas McMillan said his wife Lorraine was taking their two-year-old son to Smart Cookies nursery in Falkland when the car slid in the village car park and crashed into an unoccupied car.

“Thankfully both my wife and son were unhurt, but my wife was shaken and the car was undriveable,” he said.

“My wife is a very safe driver and was travelling at less than 10 miles per hour

“It is frustrating that the council do not seem to be gritting this car park while they are gritting the main road and school car parks in Fife.

“I don’t understand why they are not gritting a car park which serves a children’s nursery.”

Mr McMillan said that the day after the incident he dropped his wife and son off at the nursery, and there was still a lot of black ice in the car park.


“From talking to the nursery staff, about half a dozen people had skidded on the ice in the car park the day before, many damaging their cars,” he said.

“I was disturbed to find that there is not even a grit box in the car park to allow conscientious people like myself to solve the problem and put grit on the ice to prevent further accidents.”

Mr McMillan has now written to Howe of Fife and Taycoast councillor David MacDiarmid, whose ward covers Falkland, asking him to request a grit bin for the car park.


Councillor MacDiarmid said he was aware of the incident involving Mrs McMillan, as well as other accidents in the car park due to black ice.

He said he had been in contact with Fife Council’s transportation department to request a grit bin for the car park.

He had also requested the priority status of the car park be changed to reflect the fact it is a main access point for a children’s nursery.

“I know keeping the roads open is the council’s first priority, but we have doubled the amount of grit we had last year and haven’t had any really bad weather yet so supplies should still be plentiful,” he said.

“We need to make sure these bins are there and filled up so people can help themselves and we can avoid accidents.”

Sara Wilson, Fife Council’s temporary lead officer for road services north, said she had no note of any complaints about ice or requests for a grit bin in the Falkland car park.

However, she said in the event of any continuous spell of bad weather, any request to grit the car park would be treated as high priority once all commuter routes were treated.

The request for a bin had also been added to her list of locations requiring one.