Car park ruling puts silencers on boy racers

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LEVELS of anti-social behaviour at Leven’s Shorehead car parking area have forced Fife Council to take steps to ban entry to it during the night.

The area, behind the town’s bus station, has become a haven for young drivers to gather in their cars and cause a nuisance for nearby residents.

Proposals to implement a traffic regulation order between 9pm-6am were approved by members of Levenmouth’s area committee of Fife councillors when they met at their monthly meeting in Carberry House.

Ward councillor Charles Haffey told the meeting: “There are quite a lot of people who stay down in the Shorehead area of the town and I’ve had phone calls at half past ten at night saying the noise coming from the car park is quite horrendous.

“We’ve had the police involved in this, and it’s been going on for at least three or four years that I’ve been involved in.

“The ban will come as some respite to the people who live there because, on occasions, it’s been very, very difficult for them to put up with.

“This will be excellent for them, although obviously it’s something that you never want to have to do.”

The order will run for 18 months as an experiment and mirrors a similar move made by the council all the way along the stretch of Leven’s Promenade in 2004.

Another is also in place on Kirkcaldy’s Prom.

It applies only to parking bays, with the streets near to the local fast food restaurants unaffected so customers can still access them.

Traffic management lead officer Ian Smith said: “The car park is being used mainly by young drivers and they’re causing a noise nuisance – anti-social behaviour is the issue.

“If there’s a migration from there to cause more disturbance in other areas, then that will be the point at which we talk to the police to adjust the area covered.

“It’s a case of suck it and see how it goes.”

Mr Smith added the council had discussed the issues at the Shorehead with the police who had concerns raised with them “over a number of years” regarding the anti-social behaviour.

After the measure was approved at Wednesday’s meeting, it was reckoned the traffic restriction order would take a few months to put into place but should be up and running by the very beginning of next year.