Car parking concerns

Sea Road
Sea Road

A householder is appealing for motorists offering cars for sale to be more considerate when parking their vehicles.

Linda Pentland says access to her Methil home – and those of neighbours with disabilities – has sometimes been blocked or made difficult by cars with ‘for sale’ signs which have been parked prominently in the street.

Ms Pentland appreciated no laws were being broken if vehicles were properly taxed and there were no parking restrictions on the road.

However, she felt it was “morally wrong” to park in such a way that may cause problems for people with disabilities.

The issue in Sea Road had become steadily more of a concern over the last nine years or so, she said, and was happening in spates every so often.

She had been in touch with the area’s councillors and, on the Mail’s Facebook page, she asked: “How can people be so inconsiderate to keep blocking spaces for the elderly and infirm?Apart from which these are stopping us from getting near our homes.”

Ms Pentland said recently in the street there were two cars for sale and an Ace Motoring Services vehicle displayed to advertise business.

“It’s a bit of a distraction for people driving past when these cars are there,” said Ms Pentland.

Julie Brownlie, managing director of Ace Motoring Services, stressed the ‘for sale’ cars were not connected with her firm and reckoned it was Ms Pentland’s opinion only that there were any difficulties.

The firm would continue to park occasionally in the spot, as it advertised in many places, she said, and the vehicle was regularly moved around the community. Lots of companies did the same.

Ms Brownlie said the firm was very careful about observing any parking restrictions or stopping too close to junctions.

There were no parking restricions or disabled spaces on that section of the street and she was “100 per cent sure” the firm was not creating a problem.

Councillor John O’Brien said bosses and motorists should display courtesy to people with disabilities.

The issue existed around much of Levenmouth and, in Ms Pentland’s case, he said: “I called the car owners and asked out of politeness would they please move their cars somewhere else to sell them.

“I get this all the time when driving round the ward and see a car parked on a pavement or near a zebra junction. I will always stop and ask the drivers if they would mind parking somewhere else – nine times out of 10, they usually do.”

Cllr Andrew Rodger said he had asked transport officials to look into the matter, adding: “We ask for a bit of common sense from people parking their cars at someone else’s door. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”