Car rally stuck in neutral

Some of the older cars on display at a previous Leven Veteran and Vintage Car Rally.
Some of the older cars on display at a previous Leven Veteran and Vintage Car Rally.

A LEVEN summer event, which stretches back nearly 50 years, has had to be cancelled this year due to a lack of support and resources.

The annual Leven Veteran and Vintage Car Rally was due to go ahead, for its 48th year, on June 30 but plans for the event have broken down.

It’s understood organisers of the rally, which is one of the oldest in Scotland, felt they didn’t have enough resources or support to put it on this year, as two of the four main committee members were unavailable to help out.

However, the rally may only have temporarily stalled, as Levenmouth Tourist Association (LTA) has signalled its intent to take on the work to resurrect it next year.

Craig Young, of the LTA, told the Mail it had contacted the rally organisers when it heard the event was cancelled, but was told its offer of help was unfortunately too late to get everything sorted for this year.

He added: “We’ve missed the boat for this year, I’m afraid, but we are going to look to take it over next year and run it through the LTA.

“Events are few and far between at the moment, so to lose something that has been going for 40-odd years is really quite sad.

“We hoped the decision would be that we would be able to do it this year and we were all ready to go to swing into action, but it was all key to someone being able to do the admin side of it.

“They’ve been doing it for years and if they are saying there is not enough time – then they are the experts.

“It’s just unfortunate we noticed it was cancelled too late.”

Craig further explained that organisers had said the biggest hurdle preventing the LTA putting the rally on this year was that there simply wasn’t enough time to get notification and entry forms sent out and returned, as well as getting the necessary permissions and safety certificates in place for next month.

Craig added: “They didn’t get any offer of support from the actual vintage car people, which they thought they might have when it was announced it was cancelled, so I think they were a bit disappointed.”

The rally has long been held in high regard by local residents and even earned the nickname the ‘Sunshine Rally’ because of the consistently good weather which seemed to accompany it year after year.