car Tyres slashed in mindless vandalism

Photo of car with two tyres slashed in Adamson Avenue, Kirkcaldy
Photo of car with two tyres slashed in Adamson Avenue, Kirkcaldy

Callous vandals have caused more than £1000 worth of damage after a tyre-slashing spree in Leven’s Broom Estate.

Police received several reports of punctured tyres on Friday morning, with the crimes thought to have happened during the night.

Around 20 tyres belonging to at least half a dozen cars were slashed during the incident, affecting vehicles in the Glendale and Glengrove area.

Local officers have been scanning CCTV footage available from the area, as well as from the town centre, in a bid to gather information.

Inspector Donald Jenks has appealed to members of the public to come forward if they have any information which they think may help.

“At the moment, we are looking at CCTV footage as it is possible that somebody has done this coming home from a night out. Some cars have had one tyre punctured – others have had all four and that will be expensive for the owner. We’re looking at around 19-20 tyres in total.”

A local mechanic confirmed to the Mail that those affected could be severly out of pocket.

“Of course, there are thousands of types of tyres, but for good quality tyres on your average family car, such as a Ford Focus, you could be looking at £80-100 per tyre.

“If someone has a larger, high performance vehicle or a 4x4, tyres start at as much as £250, so to replace all four, you’re looking at potentially having to pay nearly £1200.”

The incident has been blasted by local councillor Alistair Hunter as “mindless vandalism”.

He said, “Although anti-social behaviour is going down and crime detection is on the up, sporadic incidents like this are still happening and it really is not acceptable.”

Anyone with information which could be helpful in the investigation should contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.