Cardenden residents kick up storm over wood dust

Wood chips piled high at the Cardenden site
Wood chips piled high at the Cardenden site

Residents in Cardenden claim their lives are being made a misery by wood dust from a local processing plant.

Dust coming from the Off Site Fuel Processing Facility site, which is run by Purvis, has been blowing into gardens and homes of residents who live near the facility at Jamphlars.

The problems were discussed at the most recent meeting of the Cardenden Community Council and secretary David Taylor said the local community was running out of patience.

He said: “This matter has been ongoing for some considerable time and an effective solution is required.

“Our community spent years campaigning to rid itself of coal dust. Now it is being subjected to wood dust, all because the Glenrothes Biomass Plant is not operating effectively.”

RWE, which owns the Glenrothes plant, has been transferring excess wood to the Cardenden site, where it holds a waste management licence, as the new £200m Biomass plant has not concluded its final commissioning phase.

“Since operations started, well over a year ago, it became apparent that the Glenrothes plant was not operating effectively and wood and chippings were being stock-piled on other parts of the Jamphlars site, causing excessive dust in the community,” said Mr Taylor.

“RWE needs to regulate the wood supply until the Biomass plant is fully operational. Our community has tolerated the Jamphlars site, because assurances were given it would be restored.”

A spokesman for RWE claimed the activity at Cardenden was well within the limits set down by the waste management licence.

He said: “We are aware of the concerns among some local residents and would encourage them to contact Purvis directly to ensure any matters arising from our plant operations are resolved quickly.

“We have made a significant investment into dust suppression equipment which has recently come into operation.

“We would like to extend an invitation to community representatives and local elected members to visit our site and to discuss any concerns.”