Carol runs for Raith Rovers in Spain

Carol Alison Smith Triathlon for Raith Rovers Supporter's Trust
Carol Alison Smith Triathlon for Raith Rovers Supporter's Trust

A Barcelona based Raith Rovers fan is taking part in a half ironman distance triathlon to raise money for the club’s Supporters Trust.

Carol Alison Smith, who has lived in the Spanish city for a decade, has been raising money for the trust since 2012, which has helped her keep up-to-date with the Kirkcaldy club.

“I got the Raith Rovers news from the site at first,” she said.

“But the great work of the Supporters Trust and Raith TV has made a huge difference. I just wanted to help them.”

Sunday’s triathlon, which includes a 1.2 mile swim, a 35 mile cycle, and a half marathon, is a world away from the small distances she ran when she began running.

“It’s been a culture shock,” Carol admitted.

“I was unemployed and 15 stone when I started. I couldn’t even run 400 metres. But it keeps me motivated moving up every year. It’s been tough, though.”

Each year has seen Carol take on longer triathlons, and she admits that the support of the Raith fans makes a difference.

“Increasing the distances keeps people interested,” she said.

“It also stops me from getting back on the sofa and getting fat. Having the supporters behind me really helps. It means I know that I have to keep going. It means I’m doing it for something,”

Carol is less positive about Raith’s start to the season, though.

“It’s been the same ups and downs,” Carol said.

“Getting knocked out of the cup was a blow.”

People can donate through the Rovers Supporters Trust site or on the TRIing4theRovers Facebook page.