Carrie family call for action

The family of a nine-year-old Glenrothes boy killed whilst crossing the A92 in 2015, say they are still waiting for a crossing to be installed, almost three years on from the tragedy.
Photo: Steve BrownPhoto: Steve Brown
Photo: Steve Brown

Robert Brown, the grandfather of Cadham youngster Logan Carrie, who was killed by a motorist on a notorious stretch of the busy A92 north of the town in February 2015, has called on successive Scottish Transport Ministers Derek MacKay and Humza Yousaf to honour their commitments made whilst they visited the crash site with the family.

“It’s been well over a year since Mr Yousaf walked the stretch of road where Logan was killed and despite the reassurances that he would honour the commitment given by his predecessor that ‘something had to be done’, we are still no nearer to getting the crossing we so desperately want,” Mr Brown told the Gazette.

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“Both Ministers have seen for themselves the state of the road and Transport Scotland confirmed in July that it finally had the costings for a crossing, but still nothing.”

However, a Transport Scotland spokesman said “a feasibility study of a crossing at Balbirnie has been drafted looking at options to widen the road to accommodate a crossing with a refuge island” and that other measures had been implemented.

The Transport Scotland spokesman said that, as well as the Balbirnie crossing study: “We have been engaging with North Glenrothes Community Council and others on the A92 and have a number of studies on-going at Freuchie, Balfarg and Cadham. These will also consider potential crossing options at Freuchie and Balfarg.”

The initial outcomes of these studies were shared with communities in August.

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Transport Scotland said that it would be liaising with Fife Council regarding potential options. It added that this was explained to the communities and that they agreed to reconvene in the new year to seek their views on potential options.

However, Mr Brown said he and his family had been left ‘deeply frustrated’ by the lack of progress, both from the minister and by Transport Scotland officials and has renewed his call for action to prevent a further tragedy.

The late plea for safety improvements comes as campaigners are set to meet with local politicians on Friday to discuss the five main hazards along the controversial stretch of A92 that only last week saw the latest in a series of accidents.

An incident occurred at the Balfarg junction on Thursday evening, involving two cars. One of the drivers had to go to hospital after complaining of minor neck injury.