Cars are the stars as cruisers hit Kirkcaldy

The Take Over the Prom event attracted hundreds of modified cars and spectators. Pics: FPA
The Take Over the Prom event attracted hundreds of modified cars and spectators. Pics: FPA

Hundreds of beautiful cars from all over Scotland converged on Kirkcaldy’s promenade for what has become an annual cruising event at the weekend.

From top of the range Audis to fancy Fiestas, a whole array of modified vehicles showed off their enhanced plumage to petrol heads from around Fife and even further afield.

The event was the third N/A Nonsense Racing Take Over the Prom event which started back in 2013 as a tribute to Hollywood actor Paul Walker, star of the Fast and Furious cult film series who died in a car crash.

And the event has attracted a huge following of car enthusiasts over the past few years, all keen to show off the amount of money and work they have spent on their beloved vehicles.

Saturday’s event which saw convoys of vehicles from all over the country meeting up in car parks along the length of the prom from Morrison’s and Lidl supermarkets to the Basin car park and lorry stop.

James Stephen, the main organiser of the 2Fife 2Furious event, said: “The event on Saturday night went without a hitch, as hundreds of cars and thousands of people descended on the promenade.

“Millions of pounds worth of modified and prestige cars from all over Scotland were on display. Street karts and burgers vans were also on site.

“A great family atmosphere was enjoyed by all, and the police were on site to supervise and had no issues with the event itself.

“The hope is that the police would be willing to address their safety concerns to allow us to shut the road next year. This annual event is not going away and we hope to expand again next year.

“We want to get the event back into the main calendar like last year, where it was just as important to the town as the Links Market.

‘‘The free event, which brings people from all over Scotland to Kirkcaldy, also helps sales in local food outlets, the supermarkets and especially the fuel stations.

“We want to bring money to the town through this free event. We just need the police to understand we are not all anti social boy racers - we are car enthusiasts and we look forward to moving on to next year’s event.”