Cars cause problems at Markinch playpark

John Dixon Park in Markinch
John Dixon Park in Markinch

The community group set up to redevelop their local park are having problems keeping it tidy, with local youths alleged to be littering and driving cars there, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Markinch Plus was created to provide a brand new play park and outdoor gym in John Dixon Park. They have also taken on responsibility of the adjoining skatepark and the ball game area known as the cage. Members of the group have now realised just how much mess is being created by youths in the evenings.

Anne Davies from Markinch Plus revealed that Fife Council is looking into ways to help, including placing barriers at the park entrance to prevent cars entering.

She said: “The council have been to see where they will put the litter bins and have been consulting about what is the best sort of barrier. The gentleman from the council has said it’s all in hand.

“The problems are still going on. There was a bonfire party there last weekend and it was a real mess the day after. It took ages to clean up.

“We do it twice a week normally but it really needs to be cleaned up daily.

“It’s not the kids that use the park during the day, it’s the teenagers in the evening that make the mess.

“There is still cars coming in as far as I know, and they will continue to do that until we get the barriers put up.

“I don’t mind cleaning the park during the day, but I’m not going there in the middle of the night.”

Markinch Plus is on course to raise the £90,000 needed to build the new play park and outdoor gym.

Alan Bisset, parks development officer at Fife Council hopes to have some sort of barriers at the park soon, as part of the overall re-development there.

He said: “We have talked about putting some boulders in to stop cars going into the playpark. We haven’t got an exact timescale for doing this yet, but that should be done as a priority.

“We’re probably trying to tie it in with the new playpark, hopefully in the new year. But Markinch Plus might want it a bit quicker.

“The play area plans and funding are just about there. We will hopefully tender in the new year to get the park up and running in early summertime, with the fitness equipment too. So we are hoping everything is done at John Dixon Park for early next summer.

“The Green Gym equipment is similar to the stuff at Gilvenbank park, however it’s a different manufacturer.”

A police spokesman said: “I can confirm we have had to move youths on a number of occasions this year from Balbirnie Park and we have caught a number of young people drinking alcohol there. We are aware of the problems and are keeping an eye on it.”