Cars written off in flood damage

Methilhill flooding.
Methilhill flooding.

THE recent spell of torrential rainfall has left one Methihill woman really counting the cost after her two cars had to be written off.

The damage to Vicki McKellican’s vehicles and property by high flood water has left her at the end of her tether as she now battles with insurance companies for recompense.

Residents across Methilhill were left frustrated during the middle of last week as the main road through was closed due to extreme flooding.

Ms McKellican, of Simon Crescent, told the Mail she felt the authorities were only firefighting against further flooding by sucking the water up rather than addressing what issues may be causing the problem underground.

She added: “I’ve had two cars written off, my items in the garage and a summer house.

“It was up to around three or four foot high around my house.

“I’ve written umpteen letters to the council about this but all they’re doing is sucking up the water, but I’ve been told there is a burst water main in Methilhaven Road which is causing it.

“My partner works off-shore and I’m having to deal with all of this myself.

“I’m just lost for words.”

A Fife Council spokesman told the Mail the authority encountered difficulties with the area of road after the severe flooding had started.

The road had barely recovered from a downpour just a few days before when further rains fell, the spokesman said.

It was added that the council intended to work with Scottish Water to clear flooded manholes but their efforts had been deterred by the rain.

Despite signs advising the road was closed, residents reported that vehicles were still making their way through.

Further floods hit others across the area, too, with road closures in Largoward.