Cash aid boosts Silverburn project

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THE group at the helm of the Silverburn revitalisation project has secured grant money to help start realising its aims as soon as possible.

Fife Employment Action Trust (FEAT) is to receive over £10,000 for its plans to transform the popular outdoor asset and make it an enjoyable place to visit for generations to come.

The group held a workshop last week in Leven, in which suggestions from a broad representative section of the community were put forward.

These included an animal park, music festival venue, woodland schemes, visitor attractions, lifelong learning facilities, and more.

FEAT general manager Duncan Mitchell said he and his colleagues had been “flooded with messages” from individuals and groups wanting to help and be actively involved in the Silverburn development, by offering partnerships, hands-on practical support, fund-raising assistance, and more ideas.

“We are intending getting a report out on the workshop very shortly and intend to have an action plan with this – we have further FEAT board meetings in early February and more discussions booked with Fife Council representatives too, so we are busy behind the scenes,” he added.

“While Silverburn clearly is a multi-million pound project, you have to start somewhere, and I’m pleased to say we’ve been granted £10,000 from the Big Lottery Investing in Ideas programme to develop our planning in the coming months, and, locally, have received £250 from the Take a Pride in Levenmouth fund to install some wildlife habitats in the Park. We plan to get some volunteers involved with this.”

A number of readers on the Mail’s Facebook page said any animals reintroduced to Silverburn would have to be adequately protected, while Jules Herd was strongly in favour of supporting local bands and talent.

“There are so many local musicians who have a great fan base,” she said. “This should be recognised and supported. Having somewhere they can gig, jam and practise would be awesome.”

Charlie Staig added: “Get today’s youth involved. Re-open the big house as a residential education centre, get a proper mountain bike course built around the woodland and the rest of the ‘off-road’ areas of the park.

“Silverburn should have so much going for it – please dont spoil it for commercial gain.”