Cash boost is ‘good news’ for tenants

A £4.17m cash boost for Council housing in Glenrothes and surrounding areas has been hailed as ‘good news’ for tenants.

The investment has been earmarked for properties in the town as well as Kinglassie, Leslie, Markinch and Thornton.

The funding will pay for a total of 880 jobs including imrpoving 380 heating systems, 320 new kitchens, 160 properties roughcast, 45 new roofs, 26 new sets of windows and doors and the installation of three shower systems.

The work is part of a Fife-wide investment of almost £62 million in Council houses over the next year. Over £37m of this budget will be used to continue to carry out maintenance work on homes to bring them up to the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.

Councillor Iain Sloan, vice chairman of Glenrothes area committee, said: “This is great news for our Council tenants in the Glenrothes area.

“Everyone deserves to have a well-maintained home that’s wind and water-tight and provides a comfortable and safe environment.”

Councillor Kay Morrison, committee member, said: “This is good news for our tenants, bringing improvements to our housing standard and I hope, an enhancement to people’s quality of life. We’re improving our housing stock, bit by bit; we’re committed and determined to do that.

“This is an impressive number of new kitchens, in particular, but the new heating systems are also extremely welcome, helping to keep people cosy.”

She added: “I know that the situation isn’t ideal for everybody, though: that’s certainly not the case. There’s plenty of work, plenty of housing challenges to keep us busy!”