Cash raising efforts still going strong

Scott, Reece, Jillian and Millie Cameron.
Scott, Reece, Jillian and Millie Cameron.

A FUND-raising campaign to help a Kennoway boy secure ground-breaking medical treatment has crashed through the £12,000 mark.

When he was 18 months old, Reece Cameron was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, a condition which causes severe tightening of his leg muscles.

This means the youngster is forced to walk on his tip-toes, regularly causing him to lose his balance and fall.

Hi parents, Jillian and Scott, applied to have Reece undergo a treatment called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, which eliminates high muscle tone by cutting damaged nerves in the spine, leaving the healthy ones to carry the correct signals from the brain to the muscles.

After the procedure and rehabilitation programme, this would enable Reece to walk more easily.

The family was over the moon earlier in the summerwhen the NHS said it would fund the £24,000 cost of the operation.

However, the family still needs to raise around £40,000 for Reece’s aftercare and has been actively fund-raising across the area, holding various events and accepting individual donations.

After the total raised topped £12,000 over the weekend, mum Jillian said: “Reece himself is going to his own sponsored event now.

“He is going to do some kayaking with the support from the Sea Cadets team at Methil Docks this Sunday, September 23.

“The event will kick off at around 10am.

“Reece has always had a great interest in boats and water and this experience will mean a lot to him.

“He wanted to have his own special event that he could do and so what better than doing something he has always wanted to try?

“Reece would very much be grateful if you would like to sponsor him for this event.

“Please visit his justgiving page which is at”

The family has extended its thanks to everybody who has helped raise the £12,404.84 total so far.

The family is pictured along with daughter Millie.