Casting vote sinks Dreel Hall extension proposal

Dreel Halls, Anstruther
Dreel Halls, Anstruther

Ambitious plans to make Anstruther’s Dreel Halls more accessible have been rejected by Fife Council’s north-east planning committee.

The Anstruther Improvements Association had sought permission to carry out work inside the hall, open up glass doors to the rear of the building and build an extension into the graveyard to house a lift, toilets and storage space.

It is very important that this be developed for community use

The casting vote of committee chairman Frances Melville, meant the application was turned down after the deciding vote was tied.

It was the extension, semi-circular with a gold coloured metallic surface, and the glass doors which exercised the planners.

But they accepted the plans to improve the buildings as an asset to the community but said the plan would have a “significant detrimental visual impact on the appearance of the existing traditional lime rendered buildings, due to the irregular shape and materials proposed.”

Cllr Donald MacGregor supported the plan: “It is very important that this be developed for community use, particularly with access for the disabled.” But Cllr David MacDiarmid, argued: “It is the wrong way to do it.”