Castlehill Primary traffic calming plans welcomed by parents

Cars and buses parked outside the school.
Cars and buses parked outside the school.

Parents of pupils at Castlehill Primary School in Cupar have welcomed the news that new safety measures are to be installed in the area.

Members of north east Fife area committee have rubber-stamped plans to site a signalised crossing near Tesco in South Road as well as introduce speed cushions and increased signage in Ceres Road.

It’s hoped the move will encourage drivers to drive more carefully in the area, which recently lost its crossing patrol officers.

Just two weeks ago, a child was almost knocked down while trying to get to school.

Holly Clark, chairman of Castlehill Parent Council, said: “We had a very near miss when a child was attempting to cross the zebra on Ceres Road.

“The traffic situation is a big concern and I know I’m not the only one to have had to pull a child out of the way of a car.

“I hope the enhanced safety measures will make drivers more cautious in this area.”

Local councillor Karen Marjoram, the SNP’s senior spokesman for environment, transportation and the economy on Fife Council, was instrumental in pushing for the new safety measures.

She said: “I was pleased the local area committee approved the signalised crossing for South Road.

“The town is suffering from a lack of crossing patrol officers and if this crossing cannot be covered manually then at least pedestrians will be able to cross safely.

“At busy periods, which coincide with the start and end of the school day, the road can be very busy and it is completely understandable that parents have expressed concern.

“Ceres Road is also a huge concern; there is a lot of traffic movement here at peak times and the lack of a crossing patrol officer is far from ideal.

“I hope someone can be recruited for this position soon. The enhanced traffic calming measures will, hopefully, increase driver awareness.”

Like many primary schools, Castlehill has issues with inappropriate driving and parking in the vicinity.

Parents have already been warned by the headteacher that they should not be parking in the staff car park as this may result in danger to children.

Local police officers have also been called to the school to ensure that parents dropping off and collecting children by car are parking appropriately.

Traffic-calming measures have already been installed in South Road amid residents’ concerns about speeding vehicles.

Meanwhile, applications for the post of crossing patrol officer in Ceres Road close this Monday, February 8.

Anyone interested in applying can only do so online at