Cautious welcome for Tesco plans

A Tesco store
A Tesco store
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A CAUTIOUS optimism has greeted the latest stage of Tesco’s proposed move into Leven.

Fife Council approached members of the Levenmouth area committee when they met recently and asked for their thoughts on the store’s arrival.

Although all councillors agreed in principle that it was a positive move for the area, some concerns were raised on issues about the impact on other shops, travel routes and the loss of employment land.

The final decision on whether or not Tesco is granted a move to Leven rests with the planning committee.

The supermarket giant is proposing to move to land near to Pfaudler Balfour, however, it is considered contrary to the area’s development plan which has cited that land as a proposed employment site.

Councillors were told that Tesco offered £180,000 to help alleviate the reduction of the employment land for servicing or buying a replacement site.

This offer, though, had been taken off the table.

Councillor Hunter said: “Why have they done that? If we are going to give up this land then I’d like that money back to help us develop employment elsewhere.”

Fellow councillor, Andrew Rodger, was another who generally welcomed the plan, but raised concerns that the suggested 216 jobs may come at the price of other employers closing.

Tesco has offered £100,000 towards linkages with the town centre and other improvements.

Councillor Jim Young highlighted the importance of a link between the High Street area.

Cllr Tom Adams, chair of committee, added: “Tesco would bring an ideal employment opportunity to the area.”