Celebrity trends help launch beauty business

Jodie Yule, left, and Sarah Mackay -  (Picture: Fife Photo Agency)
Jodie Yule, left, and Sarah Mackay - (Picture: Fife Photo Agency)

Two young Kirkcaldy women have combined their skills to launch a new business.

SM Aesthetics and Make Up by Yule, in the town’s Commercial Street, is the brainchild of Sarah Mackay (22) and Jodie Yule (21).

Friends since their school days, the hard-working pair each originally started their own businesses but have now brought them together under one roof.

A qualified nurse, Sarah specialises in cosmetic procedures, such as lip fillers, Dermaroll and glycolic peel treatments, while Jodie’s creative talents are in make-up.

“We’re really excited about the new shop and the feedback from clients has been great,” said Sarah.

While cosmetic procedures were once seen only as the domain of women of a certain age, Sarah reckons it is the influence of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner which has made much younger women have treatments that can enhance their faces.

Similarly, while having your make-up done would once have have a one-off, perhaps for a bride for her wedding, now women look on it as something to add to their preparations for any special occasion or night out.

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