Cellardyke man says it’s a jungle out there!

Mark Barnes' new book, 'Thrive'.
Mark Barnes' new book, 'Thrive'.

A former Cellardyke man worked for a decade around the world in the high-pressure ‘jungle’ of big corporations - and lived to tell the tale.

As a software development specialist, Mark Barnes travelled the globe, from Aberdeen to LA, Austria to India, with some of the biggest multinational financial institutions.

Along the way he witnessed all manner of corporate behaviour and now he has turned his experiences into a book, ‘Thrive’.

“It’s a light-hearted look at the corporate world using the jungle and its animals as metaphors for the business environment and the different types of characters in it,” said Mark (45), who was brought up in Cellardyke and attended Waid Academy.

“It’s not a book about how to succeed but for someone just starting out as a graduate it will give a few pointers about what to look out for and if you’re already in that world it will make you laugh in recognition at the different scenarios.”

A long-time blogger, Mark had previously had to be circumspect in anything he wrote to avoid any connections with work.

However, in need of a change last year after the end of an intense two-year contract, he began writing about the corporate jungle as a creative outlet.

It was when his writings were picked up by an editor that the idea came to publish a book.

His success spurred him to use his experience to produce another book, ‘A Nation Decides’, which compiles images and writings from the lead up to the referendum vote.

“It’s a snapshot of the nation covering the two years before September 18 and immediately after,” said Mark, now based near London but who still has family in the area, including mum Shona Duncan in Buckhaven.

‘A Nation Decides’ is published on November 5 - see www.anationdecides.com for more - and ‘Thrive’ is available on Amazon and iTunes.