Celtic myths and the fears we all have ...

Owl Man from Lawrie Brewster's new film 'Lord Of Tears'
Owl Man from Lawrie Brewster's new film 'Lord Of Tears'

DYSART-based director/producer Lawrie Brewster has completed production on his latest film, a supernatural horror with a celtic twist.

‘Lord of Tears’ was written by Lawrie’s partner Sarah Daly, who also wrote the script for the film maker’s previous feature, ‘White Out’, and Lawrie says this time round he took his inspiration from Japanese thrillers.


He said: “In some Japanese horror films they use a lot of their own mythology so I was thinking that in Scotland we have our own rich culture and history, so why should we not use it in a modern horror film.”

The evil presence in the thriller comes from an eerie owl-like man who Lawrie based on “fears that some of us have.”

He said: “It’s the idea that firstly, we are always being watched, and secondly that we are pre-destined to live our lives a certain way and that there’s nothing we can do to alter it.

“So the villain in the film always knows what’s going to happen and is always watching.”

Lawrie said that making the film was a collaborative effort.

“As the producer I might come up with a concept but the script was written by Sarah,” he said.

Filming took place in the Scottish Highlands as well as in Dysart and Kirkcaldy, where the main character comes from, and was completed in just two weeks.

Lawrie said: “It was quick, but that was working flat out all day, every day. It was very intense.”

The film’s original soundtrack was created by Scottish musicians Craig Sutherland and Andy McDonald who Sarah had worked with before.

“I wanted them to come up with a classic sort of horror soundtrack,” Lawrie said.

“But again we needed a bit of a Celtic feel to it to tie in with the film.

“It’s great and we’ll be looking to release it on its own.”


‘Lord Of Tears’ will now be sent off to film festivals for screening and there are plans for a special screening for the cast and crew as a thank you for their work.

“I’m not sure when or where it’s going to be shown!” said Lawrie. “Once we sell it to distributors it’s up to them.

“I’ll be working on the last two for a bit before beginning my next film in November.”