Ceres biker jailed for five years

A MEMBER of a biker gang who walked into a north east Fife pub with a sawn-off shotgun has been jailed for five years.

David Jackson, of Smithfield, near Ceres, took the weapon to the Ceres Inn amid claims that he had received death threats and that a number of his friends had been assaulted, the High Court in Edinburgh heard.

Some of the patrons became aware that he had it with him and he even showed it to one man, the court heard.

Armed police were called in and officers later recovered the gun and cartridges from his home.

Jackson (46) admitted breaching firearms legislation by possessing the prohibited weapon at the Ceres Inn and at his home on March 17 this year.

The court heard that he had a criminal record that included a conviction for serious assault.

Referring to the gun incident, advocate depute Murdoch Mactaggart said that the accused spoke to a male customer and told him that he was carrying a gun for his own protection as he was in a biker gang and had received threats.

When the man stepped outside for a cigarette Jackson revealed the gun to him before putting it back in his jacket and returning to the pub.

A woman in the bar had also spotted that he was carrying the weapon and 999 calls were made to police.

“Neither witness knew the accused but the police were subsequently able to identify him as David Jackson,” said Mr Mactaggart.

Police units were drafted into the area and officers took up observation on his home while search warrants were sought.

A BMW car pulled up at the address and Jackson got into the vehicle and it was followed by armed officers as it drove into Ceres.

The car pulled up in the main street and police detained the driver and Jackson.

Officers went to his home and found the Russian-made gun lying open on a bedroom floor with six live cartridges sitting on the bedside table. DNA from Jackson was found on the weapon’s trigger.

During an interview Jackson admitted possessing the gun and added: “I’ve had death threats.”

Mr Mactaggart said: “He went on to say he had it for protection as threats had been made towards him, but he would not further expand on this.”

Jackson’s defence solicitor advocate Richard Souter said he took the threats seriously and was worried for his own safety and that of his partner.

“A number of his friends had been assaulted by males. The police had been involved in investigating these assaults,” he said.