Changes to Post Office counter services are ‘unworkable’

Cllr Kay Morrison is unhappy with the changes
Cllr Kay Morrison is unhappy with the changes

Post Office bosses have once again come under fire from a Glenrothes councillor, this time in Cadham, for changes to counter services.

Kay Morrison says the radical overhaul of counter operations, forcing customers to be “cheek to jowl” with other shoppers, is “unworkable”.

The dedicated postal counter has been integrated into the main shop, removing any security and privacy, which the councillor says is of high priority to her constituents.

“The result of the changes is that customers have lost the strengths of the previous layout which protected security and privacy, things that are extremely important to many post office customers,” the councillor explained.

She added: “Now, all customers are cheek by jowl, so transactions are visible and audible with security represented by a couple of bits of flimsy plastic, that clearly is unworkable.

“This is a startling deterioration in the quality of service, undermining the efforts of professional, committed members of staff and worrying to those who’ve previous confidence in the post office.”

The councillor has now written to the regional management asking for an explanation for the changes and calling for a review.

Cllr Morrison says she remains concerned for the future of the servive.

“Following my complaint, I’ve been assured that the local management team that they will effect improvements which will, it seems, reassure me. In light of previous “improvements” introduced in the Glenrothes area, I remain sceptical,” she said.

Radical changes to Cadham Post Office counter service is the latest in the Glenrothes area to receive criticism.

Pitteuchar, Thornton, Leslie and Woodside offices have all met with customer disapproval in recent months.

Councillor Morrison says postal bosses should now think again and reverse the changes where possible.

“It’s clear that the public has little or no confidence in these changes and they should be reversed.”