Changing attitudes towards rape

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to attempt to change attitutes towards rape and sexual assaults.

Fife police has joined others to sperad the message that ‘we can stop it’, a campaign which asks young men to consider their own behaviour and their role in preventing rape.

The law changed in 2009, meaning that crimes which hadn’t previously been focused on, such as; sex when a victim is asleep or unconscious; sex without consent, for instance when someone is too drunk and male rape are all now included within the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009.

Sheila Noble, co-ordinator of the Fife Domestic and Sexual Abuse Partnership, said: “This is a really positive campaign aimed at young men to highlight the change in legislation and their responsibilities. It is an individual’s responsibility to make sure they act within the law - no mater what the circumstances, sex without consent is rape.”

DCI Alan Findlay added that the police treat all incidents of sexual assault and rape as a priority but education on the recent change in law was critical.